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Is CI Direct Investing Affiliated with any banks or ETF Providers?

Our investment decisions and choice of ETFs/mutual funds does not favour any particular provider. The same is true for insurance, we are an independent insurance agent and can recommend insurance products from any supplier.

CI Direct Investing is a subsidiary of CI Financial Corp. ("CI Financial"), a public company whose shares are traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange. A number of shares of CI Financial may be held by employees and agents who work within CI Direct Investing and other members of the CI Financial organization. 

CI Financial is also a direct or indirect principal shareholder of the following dealers or advisers which makes them CI Direct Investing affiliates: Assante Capital Management Ltd., Assante Financial Management Ltd., CI Investments Inc., CI Investment Services Inc., CI Global Investments Inc., CI Private Counsel LP, Grant Samuel Funds Management PTY Limited and Marret Asset Management Inc. 

You can find the list of related and connected issuers of CI Financial Corp.  available online from the CI Financial Corp. website at: - our-businesses.

CI Direct Investing directors also may act as directors and officers of CI Financial and/or its related registrants noted above.

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