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Safety Private Portfolio

Portfolio Summary

The Safety Private Portfolio is a hybrid portfolio combining exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and private pooled funds managed by Nicola Wealth Management (NWM). More information on these unique private pools is available on NWM's website. This portfolio is managed by CI Direct Investing.

As of October 31, 2023.

Portfolio Allocation

Asset Allocation

Your portfolio is invested in the following assets:

Asset Class Breakdown
Mortgages 25.0%
Government Bonds 18.0%
Private Real Estate 14.0%
Corporate Bonds
Private Mortgage
International Equities
U.S. Equities
Private Equity
Private Debt
Fixed Income 3.0%
Canadian Equities 3.0%
Alternative Strategies 2.0%
Preferred Shares
High-Yield Bonds 2.0%
Real Estate 2.0%

Fund Allocation

Your portfolio is invested in the following ETFs and pooled funds:

Fund Ticker Breakdown
Nicola Core Portfolio Fund (Factsheet) NWM254 50.0%
BMO Canadian MBS Index ETF (Factsheet) ZMBS 25.0%
Vanguard Canadian Short-Term Bonds ETF (Factsheet) VSB 25.0%
Portfolio MER

Portfolio performance is not guaranteed. The value of your investment can go down, up and change frequently. Past performance is not indicative of future returns. There may be significant differences between the investment portfolios that are not discussed here, including different investment objectives and risk factors. You should always consider, in any investment decision, your investment objectives, needs, circumstances, restrictions, tolerance for risk, financial goals and investment time frame.

Although CI Direct Investing believes the obtained information provided from third-party sources to be reliable, CI Direct Investing does not guarantee the information and disclaims any liability associated with the use of these performance results. Source: Morningstar Direct. For full details of calculation please contact: [email protected].

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