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Does CI Direct Investing's facilitation of my investment into Manzil's Halal Mortgage Fund vitiate its shariah-compliance?

CI Direct Investing simply facilitates your investment into Shariah-compliant products (i.e., Manzil's Mortgage Fund) and helps you track your investments and get overall insights. According to Manzil's Shariah Supervisory Board, utilizing CI Direct Investing to facilitate your investments into Manzil's Mortgage Fund does not affect the Shariah compliance of your investment nor the fund.

As an example to help you understand the partnership: Think of CI Direct Investing as the distributor of the halal financial products, specifically the Halal Portfolios which include the Manzil Mortgage Fund in this case. To bring this concept closer, it's like Walmart or Costco selling Halal Meat. You would typically look into the company that made the halal meat to ensure and verify it's halal, and once you do, you would appreciate the fact that it's sold through a retailer for easier access and added convenience.

Furthermore, as this is a regulated industry, it's important to partner with established entities that have a long history. CI Direct Investing is part of CI Financial, one of the country's largest investment companies, trusted by Canadians since 1965.

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