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I'm an expatriate who lives outside of Canada. Can I invest with CI Direct Investing?

Yes! If you are a Canadian citizen residing in another country (commonly known as an 'expat') you can invest with CI Direct Investing. But there are a few conditions.

For our non-resident clients, the minimum account size is $25,000. You need to have a Canadian bank account. Also, you will need to provide some additional electronic documents to verify your identity.

Availability varies by country. We do not open accounts for residents of jurisdictions:

  1. Located in the European Economic Area
  2. Subject to sanctions imposed by the Government of Canada
  3. Within the United States of America
  4. Listed on the Financial Action Task Force high risk jurisdictions subject to call for action as well as restricted as part of our internal risk management process. Feel free to contact us to confirm if we can work with you.

For expats, there are important tax and residency considerations to keep in mind. Check those details in the Non-Residents page of our FAQ section.

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