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Essential Conservative Portfolio

As of June 30, 2024

This portfolio seeks to provide a combination of income and moderate long-term growth by investing in an asset allocation ETF that holds passive ETFs with exposure to global publicly traded fixed income and equity securities. 

The minimum initial investment amount for this portfolio is $100.

Asset Mix

60% Fixed Income
12% US Equities
14% Canadian Equities
11% International Equities
3% Emerging Markets


Features of this portfolio include:

  • Passive management
  • Income
  • Growth
  • Public assets
  • Diversification
  • High liquidity
  • Low cost
  • Simplicity
  • Tax efficiency


  • Appropriate for clients with medium-term time horizons and conservative to moderately conservative risk profiles
  • Opportunity for earning income and growth
  • Liquidity when you need your money 
  • Cost-effectiveness due to low expenses
  • Simplified understanding compared to other strategies
  • Access to a diversified portfolio with a lower minimum investment through a fund of funds approach
  • Tax efficiency through fewer trades in an account


  • Capital risk 
  • Exchange Traded Funds Risks
  • Interest rate risk
  • Market risk
  • Volatility

These are just some of the risks of investing. You can learn more about these risks, and other risks of investing, in our Help Centre here.


MER: 0.33%

MER stands for Management Expense Ratio. Like every other investment, you pay built-in MER fees to the company providing the investment, not to CI Direct Investing. You won’t see this money deducted from your account, but we thought you should know about it.

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