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What does the new CI Direct Investing name mean to me?

In January 2019, WealthBar joined CI Financiala diversified wealth management firm and one of Canada’s largest investment companies. Trusted by Canadians since 1965, CI believes that every investor deserves thoughtful advice, unique investments, exceptional security, and unparalleled service.

As CI Direct Investing, our goal is to put CI Financial's resources and experience to work for you. We offer professional, unbiased advice and a range of investment options, so that you can make the right decisions for your financial future.

1. How will this change my investing experience? 

It won’t. Your account details, portfolios, and fees aren’t changing, and your team of trusted financial advisers is available as always to answer your questions.

2. How do I login to my CI Direct Investing account? 

Your login details including username and password haven’t changed. The only difference is that now, you’ll find us at our new website: and the next time you update your app, it will appear under our new name with a new icon.

3. Will my fees change? 

No. As always, we strive to offer convenient and affordable investing options to help you achieve your financial goals. Our fees haven’t changed.

4. Will you be adding any new products or services? 

In the future we’ll be adding self-directed trading to give you more choice and control for how you invest your money.

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