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When will I receive my tax slips and other tax documents?

This guideline outlines when you can expect various tax documents to be available:

Late January

  • RRSP contribution slips for the last 10 months of the year
  • T4 (for income from retirement accounts)

Late February

  • T4A (for RESP withdrawals)
  • NR4 (for non-residents registered accounts)
  • T5/RL3 (for investment income from some types of investments (like corporations and foreign entities))
  • T5008/RL18

Late March

  • RRSP contribution slips for the first 60 days of the year
  • T3/RL16
  • T5013/RL15 (for investment income from limited partnership investments)
  • NR4 (for non-residents non-registered accounts)

All tax slips and other tax documents will be provided to you via the Documents page of your Dashboard.

Learn about which tax slips you can expect or get help understanding your tax  slips on the CRA site



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