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What is Two-Step Sign-In Verification?

Two-step verification (AKA Two-factor authentication) is available to help protect your account. It helps prevent unauthorized access if anyone discovers your password. 

Our two-step Sign-In process uses a randomly generated 6-digit security code that is dynamically generated using applications such as Google Authenticator, 1Password, or LastPass Authenticator

You can also opt to set up two-step verification with your phone number and have the security code sent to you via SMS (text message) on your cell phone when you sign-in to your account. However, we recommend our users to use an authenticator application instead of SMS messaging as it is more vulnerable and can be intercepted by hackers.

When using our two-step verification, you can also have devices stored as a "remembered" device. That way, you don't need to enter a code every time you log in. 

Instead, we will only ask for this code when you try to sign-in from a non-recognized device. That's the convenient way to do it, just so long as the device is private and secured with a password. 

You can learn how to get started with two-step verification here.

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